Royal Academy of Dance exams provide opportunity for dancers to attain their personal best and have fun, have a goal to work towards, and receive recognition from the world’s largest examining body while preparing dancers for careers in dance and an opportunity to compete on an international level.
RAD exams accommodate growing bodies and children from the age of 5, and at all stages. Everyone has the option to be included in a Grade Class and will be working to their fullest potential.
RAD exams are recognised by the National Qualifications Regulators for the UK with selected exams also carrying a UCAS tariff towards university admission. The RAD is also a validated awarding body of the Council for Dance Education and Training.

RAD Grade classes must be taken in conjunction to a General Ballet Class.


Every week Students taking Grade classes should bring to Grade class the following items.

Grades 1 to 8 – Black Circle Character Skirt Length 3 inches below the knee when taking the exam (buy it longer if just starting the Grade).

Grades 1 to 8 – Black Character Shoes – Grades 1 & 2 low heel, Grade 3 and above Cuban Heel.

Grade 3 – Flower Head Band with ribbons hanging down the back (Can be purchased on line)

Grade 6 to 8 – Light Soft Silk piece of material or similar, 1 metre by 2 metre

To give you every technical support it is important you have your props, skirt and shoes with you at your Grade Class

Please remember a dancers discipline is to always have the hair tied back off the face in a bun. This is what is expected in Grade Classes

RAD Training

Following is a rough estimate of the length of time each RAD Ballet Grade should be studied.

The length of time taken depends on the commitment of the children and the regular attendance of 2 ballet classes per week.

Pre-Primary Ballet – 1 term
Primary Ballet – up to 1 year
Grade 1 Ballet – over 1 year
Grade 2 Ballet – over 1 year
Grade 3 Ballet – up to 1 ½ years
Grade 4 Ballet – up to 1 ½ years
Grade 5 Ballet – up to 1 ½ years
Grade 6 Ballet – up to 2 years
Grade 7 Ballet – up to 2 years
Grade 8 Ballet – up to 2 years

All Vocational Major Exam syllabi are taken over 2 years of intensive training per level.